External Trade Promotion Cooperatives. Provides a technival assistance to SME and Startups in the productive and Service Sectors. This is part of Iskaashi Innitiative.

    External Trade Promotion Cooperatives
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  • Hoobaan Travel and Tourism Agency

    The first registered Tour agent and the poineer of local and inbound Tourism in Somaliland. Part of Hoobaan Company that was incorporated in 2002.

    The first inbound Toursim Company
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    Modern Animal Production Pioneering Farms based on Cooperative Business model.

    Pioneer Cooperative in Modern Livestock production.
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    Shippingline Freight forwarding and Clearance Warehouse and Storage

    Your Gateway to Africa
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  • Iskaashi Innitiative

    Iskaashi is a Business Development Programme by Hoobaan Internet, with particular focus on Cooperatives. Iskaashi means in Somali language a "cooperation". So, in this context, Iskaashi Innitiative intends to create shared values by developing business models designed to respond to the increasing challenges both natural and manmade.

    Cooperatives Focused
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Pobular Brands and Profiles